Alcedo Atthis Canvas Print in Colour
Alcedo Atthis Canvas Print in Black and White
Alcedo Atthis Canvas Print in Sepia

Alcedo Atthis Canvas Print

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This beautiful Alcedo Atthis (or simply Kingfisher) mounted canvas print is a must-have in the home of any bird lover.  The print is simple yet elegant and shows the lovely colours of this little bird extremely well.

Canvas Options

Canvas Size

Our stretched canvas prints are available in various sizes:

  • 30cm x 20cm (Approximately A4)
  • 45cm x 30cm (Approximately A3)
  • 60cm x 40cm (Approximately A2)
  • 90cm x 60cm (Approximately A1)
  • 120cm x 80cm (Approximately A0)
  • 150cm x 100cm
  • 180cm x 120cm

Canvas Frame Colour

  • White:  The canvas frame is printed in white.
  • Black:  The canvas frame is printed in black.
  • Wrap:  The canvas image is gallery wrapped around the sides of the canvas frame.

Art Filter

  • Colour:  The canvas is printed with the artwork's original colour.
  • Black and White:  The canvas is printed with a black and white filter applied to the canvas photo.
  • Sepia:  The canvas is printed with a sepia tone filter applied to the canvas photo.


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