Photo Format

Our photo format canvas prints are manufactured in proportion 3:2 and can be in landscape or portrait format.  They are ideal for photos that were taken with normal photographic equipment.

Size Price
30cm x 20cm R 249.00
45cm x 30cm R 349.00
60cm x 40cm R 499.00
90cm x 60cm R 749.00
120cm x 80cm R 999.00
150cm x 100cm R 1 299.00
180cm x 120cm R 1 599.00


Square Format

Our square format canvas prints are manufactured in proportion 1:1 and is often used in modern and contemporary settings, such as for artwork or decorative items.

 Size Price
20cm x 20cm R 199.00
30cm x 30cm R 299.00
40cm x 40cm R 399.00
50cm x 50cm R 499.00
60cm x 60cm R 599.00
80cm x 80cm R 799.00
100cm x 100cm R 999.00


Panoramic Format

Our panoramic format canvas prints are ideal for landscape scenes or extra long portrait photography. They can be manufactured in 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 proportions.

 80cm x 40cm (2:1) R 599.00
120cm x 40cm (3:1) R 799.00
160cm x 40 cm (4:1)

R 999.00